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Environmental monitoring for collections care.

We understand that more collections than ever are short on funding and people, so Conserv has put together an environmental monitoring solution that gives collections professionals great environmental monitoring outcomes with a fraction of the effort.

No IT department required

Work remotely as a team

Collections focused KPIs

Launch wireless monitoring for your collection in minutes, without additional investments in WiFi or networking.

Automate the collection and analysis of temp, RH, & light data with real-time alerts.

Anyone from your team can access your environmental data from anywhere through the web and a mobile app.

Collections, facilities, and consultants collaborate on a single platform.

Communicate the challenges and opportunities to improve your collection environment in plain English.

Manage deterioration rates, mold risks, light budgets, and more.

"Now we can set levels for each space in a collection, based on the unique objects in those spaces."

Easy remote monitoring

Collections KPIs

Temp, rh, light readings

Collection observations

Real-time alerts

Unlimited spaces, data

Nathan's Mom, Conservator in Private Practice

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