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Conserv monitoring 2.0 launches in


The only modern, collections focused environmental monitoring platform

subscription pricing as low as $9.99 per sensor per month

"Now we can set standards for each space in a collection, based on the unique objects in those spaces."

Margaret Burnham

Objects Conservator, Private Practice

"Their all-in approach to monitoring provides accurate, real-time data that was easy to setup. No IT department required."

Jun Ebersole

Collections Manager, McWane Science Center

Wireless monitoring, without the need for Wi-Fi

No more wondering what's going on with your collection. Your data is now automatically flowing to your team with no hassle or worry.

Simple subscription pricing



Three Year Contract

Five Year Contract

One Year Contract


* per sensor per month

* per sensor per month

* per sensor per month

One-time $249 activation fee, waived for collections with 10+ sensors

Real-time alerts on your mobile app

Send alerts to facilities and other team members when there are environmental problems, so that small issues don't become big problems.

Calibrated & complete  monitoring for your collection

Temperature, relative humidity, light, and vibration monitoring that's fine tuned for collections care, with free re-calibration as part of your subscription.

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Conserv is free for teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features, and support

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