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Simple subscription model.


  • Remote monitoring so you can work from home
  • Accurate temp, rh, light, vibration, and water data
  • Simple installation, no IT department required
  • Web and mobile application, no software to install

Conserv Monitoring

per sensor per year

3 year contract

"Now we can set standards for each space in a collection, based on the unique objects in those spaces."

Margaret Burnham

Objects Conservator, Private Practice

"Their all-in approach to monitoring provides accurate, real-time data that was easy to setup. No IT department required."

Jun Ebersole

Collections Manager, McWane Science Center

We deliver the features collections ask for

Wireless without WiFi

Simple plug & play, no hassle, no IT department required

Collections Focused

Accurate temp, RH, light, and vibration monitoring.

Your entire team can access your data from anywhere.

Web & Mobile App

Our Customers

Learn more about Conserv

Conserv Cloud is free for teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features, and support

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