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Your team are now aware of small problems before they become big problems.  With more of you working from home, remote monitoring creates an opportunity to be more aware of the collection with less effort.

Real-time alerts

Be kind to your your future self by annotating issues in the collections. Environmental excursions, pests, object condition. A simple note now can make a loan request or grant application simpler in 12 months.

Collection observations

Questions that required a lot of Excel number crunching are now straightforward. Stay on top of how often you stayed within your limits, your light budgets, and other preservation metrics. Share that information with your team in plain English.

Preservation KPIs

Any collection with environmental data can use Conserv for free. Import data from your PEM2, HOBO, or T&D loggers with no limits on the number of users or number of spaces or how much data you can import.

Free software


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